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Resources for friends of Terry

mehndi by khushi
I'm really sorry that this is so tardy. Last week, I was asked if I knew where mountain_hiker would donate. I have some links now, and will share them below.

I don't plan to use an lj-cut, so I apologize if this entry is a little long.

First, I'm not sure how many knew that he had a public blog devoted to his mountaineering adventures. It's definitely worth a look, loaded with tips and breath taking photographs from his adventures. Sadly, his last entry was about his friend Steve's death. He posted this letter on his LJ too, but this event is where things took a turn for the worse for him. As of this post, LJ support has not unlocked a post meant to be shared with his friends. When it is unlocked, I will link to it here.

Below are sites devoted to land preservation in Colorado. These sites do accept donations, and I think he may have felt pretty strongly for them.

In no particular order, they are:

San Juan Citizens Alliance

The Trust for Land Restoration, an organization helping to restore and conserve lands that have been degraded by mining.

The Colorado Trail, working to keep hiking trails properly maintained.

Friends of Terry know he spoke a lot about hiking to Barr Camp to bring supplies. They have a donation page as well.

Terry has also mentioned Red Cross from time to time as a good place to donate.

Terry's father posted information on Terry's memorial page, including a program. It reads: To register to become a donor in memory of Terry Lee Mathews, please visit Donate Life Colorado.

If you would like to sign Terry's memorial guest book, you may do so here. This page will be available until August 16th. Terry's father also published the following obituary on July 17th.

More information about Terry's memorial can be found here.

oddharmonic, has made arrangements with Mark Hayes Photography to take photographs of the memorial service for those unable to attend. She is paying for this, but if you wish to help, please contact her privately.

ETA: Terry's friend Ryan wrote the following: State of Euphoria with Terry Mathews

I will add more if additional information comes my way.

Service for Terry Mathews

mehndi by khushi
A celebration of life service has been organized for Terry Mathews (mountain_hiker).

It will be held July 27th at 7:30pm. The service will be at the old amphitheater area at Garden of the Gods, which is near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

If you would like more information, please visit this page.

Please feel free to pass this information on.

Thank you, oddharmonic, for your tireless work on this.

If you would like to make a donation in Terry's memory, please visit this resource list.

Update to last post

mehndi by khushi
Apologies for not posting this sooner. This is my first chance at the computer since my last post.

I received a call from our mutual friend, oddharmonic around 11:30am PDT with an update. Terry was listed as being in critical condition at a hospital in Colorado Springs, but he was declared brain dead. Terry was a registered organ donor, so his organs will be harvested today. His father was notified, and was at the hospital with a good friend of Terry's in the mountaineering community.

More information will be posted as soon as I hear more, but my Internet connection will be sporadic at best.

Again, I apologize that I do not have good news to bear. Rest in peace, Terry. You were one of my very first LJ friends. You were there for me offline too. I am so sorry to see you go, you will be missed so much.

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ETA: I would like to take a moment to link to oddharmonic's write up of Terry.


A post I don't want to make

mehndi by khushi
Some of you know Terry mountain_hiker, who has been on LJ for as long as I can remember. He has been through a lot over the past year or so.

Well last night, around 12:30am MDT, he sent a lengthy message via text, and attempted suicide. He is currently on life support, and according to a separate text I received from a mutual friend, things are not looking good for him.

He sent instructions that a message be relayed to his friends, but I do not have the message at this time. I will relay a message here in the mean time. Friends of his on the online community, he wanted to take care of yourselves.

I am going to mostly be offline today, but if I hear anything, I will try to post. I apologize for such sad news.

ETA: I want to link yesterday's follow up post for readers here.


Signal Boost: Illegal Foreclosure

That's it! We're FIGHTIN!
Imagine your bank decides to initiate foreclosure proceedings on your house. Except that you are not in default. Every mortgage payment is on time, and in full. You do not need to short sell your house, but the bank decides they want your house anyway. The house is foreclosed upon, and you and your family lose everything. You hire a lawyer, and try to get the OCC to intercede on your behalf. You learn that you are one of many families in America that have lost their house due to the bank's illegal activity.

One of my friends and former classmates had his house illegally foreclosed upon in 2010. There was a long fight, but he never missed a payment, but they took his house anyway, leaving his family in the cold.

The OCC refunded a grand total of $800, and called it a day. Here's a sheet with the numbers, along with an explanation of what happened. Add this to the fact that Elizabeth Warren got the OCC to admit they'd rather protect the banks than homeowners, , and you can see why my friend is angry.

They are broke, so suing the bank isn't really an affordable option at the moment. The thing is, there are many more people in his shoes.

S has been very active in the Occupy movement from the beginning. This illegal bank activity is one of the reasons. Please consider giving this a boost. The legal system is failing, and it's heartbreaking to see people getting screwed by the banks.

ETA: This post is now unlocked for linking purposes.


How is everyone holding up here? Seems to be much worse today than yesterday. Stay safe, everyone!

And I was hoping fire season was over.